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Staying on Your Path - or Finding It 🔥

Have you ever done something and suddenly realized, "Wow, I didn't know how much I needed this!" That's exactly how I felt during a recent trip to New Orleans for the French Quarter Music Festival. For sure, I needed a break and a few days to step away from the daily routines and grind, but I had no idea how much (post-pandemic) I had missed watching and mingling with people in an atmosphere of joy, celebration and tolerance. Many things in New Orleans were eye-opening and heart warming, like chatting up the trans waiter who appeared masculine but when called "sir" said "Oh no, hunni, I'm a woman!" (with a no offense taken hug!); and the Trump supporters who bought us drinks; the block after block blaring of rap music, country, Zydeco and jazz with people from all walks of life mushed together in tight crowds, grooving along. My soul wasn't just fed, it was stuffed!!

Back home meant getting back to work, but not without a shift in energy and a renewed sense of purpose. You've heard the saying, "It's not the destination, it's the journey." Still, we tend to want to know where we're headed or at the very least to get clues to understand why we feel the way we do and what ignites our passions to keep us motivated along the journey to self-realization (and actualization). Tarot helps with insight and clarity, among other things, as does astrology with its unvarnished truths about how the cosmos morphs to assist and teach us.

The powerful transits of 2024, especially during April, offer a prime time to get focused on what really pings your soul in order to get -- or stay -- energized and to gain momentum with respect to your life desires and goals. When using tarot, there's a tendency to laser focus on a single question or situation -- which is fine. But tarot can also be instrumental in understanding your "true north," and most authentic self. Each of the major arcana has a corresponding sign / planet, and as you grow accustomed to relating those things to the standard archetype of the cards, you will get more context and a deeper understanding of what's happening and how to best address it. Here's a chart to help:

One thing to keep in mind when using astrological associations with tarot is to use your rising sign, especially when making decisions about your purpose or next steps to better align with who you are and how to fulfill your purpose -- a mission WE ALL signed up for when we decided to give Earth a try (again, when it comes to reincarnation)! While our sun sign reflects major aspects of our personality or ego (and the moon rules our emotional self), our rising sign reflects how we show up in the world, how we are perceived and the ways we move. It is our social personality where our character often gets tested and experiences growth. Here's a few helpful insights to keep in mind as you journey through the remainder of 2024, a year that has brought and will continue to bring many opportunities to step outside our boxes and live the life we are designed to co-create. Hope this is helpful (credit attributed in image):

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I stayed on my path by traveling to the path of totality to witness the Solar Eclipse! It was a long journey, but such an amazing experience 🎉. Aquarius rising explains a lot of my behaviors 🤣

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