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Touched by Tarot

Intuitive, Ancestral & Life Path Readings


certified tarot reader and award winning journalist (RET.)


Welcome to TrulyTouchedByTarot!  I'm Afefe and I'm a Certified Tarot Reader and former journalist who has taken quite a journey on my path to launching TrulyTouchedByTarot and becoming a professional reader.


My journey began in the 90s while working as a newspaper reporter in North Carolina. I was assigned to do a story on a quietly kept secret in Cary, NC, an extremely wealthy town whose residents cherished its antebellum roots.  There, an African American cemetery with unmarked graves dating back to the 1800s had gone largely ignored but for the efforts of some black families who sought to have the cemetery preserved as a historical site.  To aid in that effort, I wrote a story and conducted lots of interviews, including one with an African Yoruba priest who, after the story ran, offered to give me a reading (called an "Ifa divination") that literally changed my life.


I've gotta tell you, I was shaking in my boots during the reading because as a steadfast Christian at the time, the very mention of things like divination, ancestors, etc., brought cries of heresy among the faithful.  But everything I heard during that session with the priest rang true!  It was the first time I felt seen as a spiritual seeker who always wondered if there was more to Source than what I'd heard in pulpits.  It seemed the more I tried to fit in that tradition, the more I grew out of it. 


Fast forward, and over the course of the next two years, I underwent a profound change in my spiritual views and practice.  I studied texts on many spiritual tradition across the globe and broadened my horizons by travelling to the sites of slave cabins to learn more about African American history and religion; visiting Hindu temples; attending pow-wows; African libation and drumming ceremonies; and basically anything that felt Spirit-led and that would help me grow in my understanding of the concept "One Source, Many Paths."  

Many things changed for me in subsequent years -- especially when I discovered tarot.  As websites grew, newspapers shrank and I decided to leave journalism for more stable financial pastures.  But  regardless of where I earn a living, my "real work" was always pursuing a spiritual path, personal growth, healing, and finding ways to live purposefully by sharing with others my natural tarot skills and increased knowledge to a level where I could offer my services professionally, ethically, and wholeheartedly.

Welcome again to TrulyTouchedByTarot.  I'm Afefe, and just like you, I walk a unique path filled with twists and turns, questions and insights, revelations, adventures and an eagerness to co-create the life I was meant to live.  I offer my services to help you in your quest and don't be surprised when the "journalist" in me pops out, asking "who, what, when, where and why?!" so we can get to the root of the issues and the heart of what matters.  Blessings on blessings.


-- Afefe

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