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Feeling Deserving? The New Moon in Taurus ♉️ Can Help!

Helloooooo!!! I hope you’re writing down your highest wishes and dreaming the most luxurious and delicious dreams because THAT’S exactly the type of energy this New Moon in Taurus ♉️ will amplify! After the intense month of April with the eclipses and so many calls from the Universe to prepare for endings and beginnings and huge life shifts, this moon is giving us permission to sit back, relax, have a pamper day, enjoy good food and wine and receive more JOY FROM LIFE!

New moons are that time each month when we focus on intentions and plan our rituals and practices that help us manifest goals and desires. In Taurus, with Venus on deck, you can and should utilize sensory things to promote your intuitive energy and motivation to bring your dreams to life. Spirit isn’t big on handouts and our Guides, Ancestors and Angelic councils don’t expect to be treated like genies. Instead, they give us nudges and place people and opportunities in our path that we can recognize and take full advantage of.

For the next two weeks, try indulging yourself in daily luxurious acts of kindness toward YOU! Get the massage, plan the trip, take the bubble bath, walk barefoot in the grass, buy a bouquet of flowers and stop to smell them daily. You get the idea! Spoil yourself! By doing that, you’ll raise your vibration and signal to the Universe that you recognize your own worth and want that reflected back in your relationships, health, finances and career or passion projects.

This is a time of growth at lightening speed where so many of you are receiving spiritual downloads even as you handle the mundane aspects of daily life. There’s integration and even a certain expectation as you learn more about yourself, the good, the bad, the ugly, the supremely divine. How do these aspects merge into the total being that is your whole and emerging self? If you need help putting all that into perspective, I recommend working with…

The Empress, with her powerful Earthy, Venus in motion energy is a wonderful archetype to study and invite into your life at this time. This Major Arcana is the epitome of luxuriating in all of nature’s bounty, knowing that you are a catalyst for how to not only enjoy the blessings of abundance but to also actively create more, to push the boundaries and live without limits.

As you think about what needs to grow and the tools you’ll use to launch the highest version of yourself to manifest the good you deserve, commit to small steps that’ll grow over time. Start each day with a few words of kindness toward yourself. Sip the coffee, tea or juice with intention and relish it! Notice the scent from soap or lotion, listen to the morning birds!! Judt choose small things you can do consistently until they become automatic. Notice how life shifts accordingly!!

In closing here’s some things to ponder about the Taurus New Moon!

Best wishes!!! - Afefe

(PS - If you’d like to pamper yourself or someone you love with a reading, I’m offering a 20% discount for Mother’s Day!! From now until the end of June you can use the code: Mothers2024 at checkout for a one hour reading!! Guidance is always good! 💝💐)

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