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Growing a Mindful Tarot Practice

If you think about it, yoga and tarot have several things in common. Both are spiritual systems designed to build a stronger mind/body/soul connection. Both can feel awkward for beginners experimenting with new poses (yoga) and card layouts (tarot). Both rely on the body, brain and breath to tap into a deeper connection with the self and surroundings. And both require consistency and patience to achieve the goal of leading a more balanced, healthy and purposeful life.

Whether you are new to tarot or have worked with the cards so long they are like a second skin, one thing is certain: you get better by sticking with it. You build what I like to call spiritual muscle, not unlike the way the body gains muscle and muscle memory through exercise. Spiritual muscle has to be flexible and strong, it has to become comfortable with expansion and contraction. There will be days when you pick up a deck of cards and things click and your intuition will astound you. There will also be days when you pick up a deck of cards and all you can think of is the leftovers in the fridge from last night’s takeout. In other words, your tarot practice is not water a faucet. You need to give it space to breathe and to consider whether you intend to do readings primarily for yourself or with the goal of building a professional practice. In time, you will begin to not just read tarot, but relate to it - which is huge part of my own practice and teaching.

Just as yoga practitioners come to the mat with grace, non-judgment and gentle focus, try sitting down to your reading area with ease, slowly, settling into the chair, taking a sip of water or juice and enjoying a few deep breaths before shuffling or pulling cards. Express gratitude for having a sharp mind, a strong heart and lungs, a divine connection with Spirit Guides who never leave your side. This is especially important if the reason for your reading stems from a stressful situation. Energy multiples, and the more you train yourself to do readings in a relaxed state of mind, the more space you create for heightened guidance and intuition.

Hopefully, when you get up from a reading you will feel clearer and energized, similar to the way your body feels after stretching and strengthening, allowing physical movement to bring pleasure and a sense of accomplishment in the way our bodies were designed. With a consistent tarot practice, your spiritual body will grow and help sustain you as answers come with flashes of insight, helping you along life’s journey, in the way our soul bodies were designed.

With more mindfulness added to our practice, we recognize that just as yoga is a physical meditation based on many spiritual principles, tarot is a spiritual meditation based on our physical reality.


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