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Honoring Time...

In the system of Tarot, there’s one Major Arcana that stands out in regards to timing and the cycles of life: The Wheel of Fortune (X). Like many of you, when I approach the cards, I’m not tied down by “the system” of tarot, although I respect it and have studied it long and hard. But what I’m after – like you I’d wager – is *personal* meaning and how the cards, especially the 22 Major Arcana, apply directly to me, my life, my needs, my questions, my life quest. Me. Me. Me! LOLOL!!!

It’s okay to be a little selfish when working with tarot or other divination systems because the idea is we need input from Spirit, our Guides, our Highest Self, in order to handle whatever comes our way. We want a heads-up. We want clarity. We want added perspective on the highest joys and crappiest crap we’ve experienced so we can do more of what works for our greatest good and less of anything that detracts or distracts! Can I get an “Amen!”

So, when we think about the notion of time – how it used to go so slowly when we were young adolescents craving grown up privileges (we didn’t consider the bills!:))), and how it feels like a Nascar race as we age – keeping life in perspective and riding the wave as our bodies shift and our relationships and family dynamics ebb and flow is paramount to our total well being. I don’t know about you, but there are days when I look in the mirror or happen upon photos from days gone by and am awestruck at how much has changed. No regrets, no comparisons, no longing to repeat, but an absolute recognition that life has a finite trajectory and its up to me to stay alert and not fall asleep at the wheel (pun intended)!

For all the myriad changes we face as humans on a spiritual path, there is also one constant: Time. It is there, day in and day out, sunrise to sunset. We can view it as enemy or friend or even a neighbor we’d prefer to keep at a polite distance, but Time is not affected by our opinion and, going back to Tarot, the Wheel of Fortune speaks to a need to recognize and welcome future blessings rather than waste Time trying to reverse the Wheel or lament how quickly the years are flying by.

In many spiritual traditions, including pendulum work, a clockwise motion means “Yes” while counter-clockwise means “No.” Ever wonder why? It’s because forward momentum is what keeps us healthy in mind, body and spirit. Sure, we must process and honor the past, process and honor where we are now, but also welcome, embrace and honor the potential that is present within us and all around us as long as we have breath – and Time. The how much is secondary. The who with is icing on the cake. The assurances are just as much ours to claim as they are Spirit’s to offer.

I wish you all joy as you spin the Wheel of Fortune, whether the card is in front of you, within you or, thanks to our Spiritual Guides of Light, around you.

–Blessings, Afefe

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