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Mashups and Mixology- The Language of Tarot!

If we’ve connected through TouchedByTarot, then you know I’m a big fan of mixing decks: Oracle and Tarot, multiple Tarot, Tarot and Lenormand, and - coming soon!! - Tarot, Runes, Cowrie Shells and Oracle decks!

At first glance it can seem like a lotttt of information to digest when using multiple decks, but I think it’s a lot like using spoken language. If you’re having a conversation with someone, you choose words to covey your thoughts, and sometimes you can do it with a few words while in other instances you might have to “gather your thoughts” because there’s so much to say! Our words can leave a lasting impression on the listener and can inspire them to *do* something they never considered or broaden their views on a subject.

Tarot and Oracle decks have their own language and in fact they’re multi-lingual taking into account the artistic visions of thousands of deck creators across the globe, and designs ranging from adaptations of the classic Ryder Waite to avant garde artsy decks that make you go “Hmmmm!” 🧐😅

Whether you’re a pro reader or novice, it is exciting to anticipate answers to your questions from the Guides, Angels, Ancestors and Higher Self! And while one-card pulls are awesome for journaling or daily check-ins, things get *really* interesting if you challenge yourself to go for it with larger spreads (you’ll find no shortage of suggestions online or in books dedicated solely to spreads and interpretation keys).

Going back to the topic of language, the main thing I recommend is that you don’t feel rushed to interpret any spread, and that’s especially true if you take the plunge into using multiple decks for a reading. Let the images sink in and “speak“ to you. You may notice common colors and duplicate tarot cards from the decks — a sure sign Spirit is speaking! You may realize there’s lots of Major Arcana with meanings that correlate to the titles or themes listed on one or more Oracle cards. THERE IS NO RIGHT OR WRONG, so don’t feel pressured to nail down a narrative, especially if you are new and growing your practice. The language of decks is much like the language of art - subjective and highly flexible. So make sure your readings are stress-free and listen to the whispers or roses with equal wonder.

I always welcome comments and questions so the proverbial door is always open!!

Wishing you the language of love through the language of Tarot with its ability to touch all our lIves!!

—Afefe 🙏🏽♥️🙏🏽

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So true and beautifully written.this will definitely help .

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