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Mirroring The High Priestess

The High Priestess as a Major Arcana energy in Tarot is known for bringing a veiled mystery to readings. She is a bridge between the seen and unseen worlds or, on a personal level, between the Self and the Higher Self. The High Priestess can feel a little “out there” or beyond our reach as she holds a vast cannon of arcane knowledge close to the vest and pings the intuitive powers of our Third Eye Chakra to reveal what’s hidden from plain view.

The High Priestess works closely with the Moon and its dreamy Piscean energy to shed light on our waking or subconscious dreams. As a cosmic force, the Moon is matchless in its ability to magnetize or release energy which is why so many rituals are done during the New Moon and Full Moon.

Those seeking to manifest goals and desires often use the few days before and after the New Moon to journal, light candles, meditate, and create vision boards or altars designed to attract desired events or resources. New moons are wonderful events to actively empower our conscious mind to tap into our subconscious and trust our intuition or “gut feeling.” Together with the High Priestess, the New Moon can help us identify our deepest longings or long held fears. The New Moon urges us to do something about it, and the High Priestess helps us tap into our innate knowing as to the best course of action.

Having set things into motion with the New Moon, the Full Moon shines a light on our progress or obstacles we can overcome and release. There’s a “that was then, this is now” quality to Full Moon cycles, and it is a powerful time of month to use healing crystals and affirmations to rid ourselves of physical, emotional or psychic debris. The High Priestess works with the energy of the Full Moon to help us take stock of situatons in order to make adjustments or simply offer gratitude while trusting the process.

Mirrors lend a sprinkle of magic with the Moon cycles as a portal to the Divine as they can both absorb and project energy, similar to the way the New Moon sparks attraction and the Full Moon offers release. Mirrors are powerful tools to heighten your intuition and to connect with the energy of the High Priestess because they literally help you adjust what’s seen (or manifesting) in the physical.

For example, think of the ways we check ourselves in the mirror before leaving home. It sets the tone for how we walk out of the door, feeling ready and confident. The same principle applies with using mirrors for spiritual purposes. When manifesting, you can use a hand or vanity mirror in an upright position to hold your notes or altar items as a powerful focal point to amplify your intentions. In the reverse, when releasing fears or obstacles, you can place images or notes beneath a mirror turned downward to set your intention to “let go and let God(dess)”

Remember to be fluid and do what feels right to you when working with the cycles of the Moon and the use of tools like mirrors. Your soul always knows the way and the High Priestess and Moon serve as constant reminders that you are co-creating with a Universe that always has your back as you move ever forward.

Blessings and Best Wishes —


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