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New Moon in Sagittarius: Ending 2023 on a High Note

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

Well, here we are -- the last new moon in 2023 coming in the optimistic, philosophical and always adventurous sign of Sagittarius! I don't know about you, but I feel like 2023 was supercharged with constant nudges from the Universe to expand, adapt, GROW!! And although we often feel the urge to make strides in our spiritual growth and sense of purpose, not to mention healing and non-stop "adulting," Spirit doesn't give us a blueprint or installation instructions for all of the downloads and intuitive hits we know cannot go unheeded.

This year, like the past several since the pandemic, we have learned many lessons about letting go and ushering in. Many lives have been lost -- or elevated depending on your take regarding the afterlife. The workplace has shifted with hybrid patterns and less human interaction. Some of us like it that way - or we try to convince ourselves that's true. For many people, enforced or elective isolation was a survival mechanism that, as weeks turned to months and years, became a new normal. That said, 2023 was also a year of record travel with families and friends reconnecting after long stints apart. There has been an increased recognition that somehow, someway, a balance must be struck between new normals and fundamental needs. Maybe the world will never be the same again, let the astrological soothsayers tell it. But, if we chose to incarnate during this time in history, then it stands to reason we must be agents of that change which is why, despite everything happening in the world, our cities, our circles, and our familiies...we are still here!! Rattled and even wobbly some days, sure. But here!

This New Moon in Sagittarius can serve as a great reminder to take stock of this past year as we set our intentions for 2024. To assist, our old friend Mercury has graciously consented to go retrograde alongside the new moon, so issues that need to be revisited, revamped or even reversed (healed!) may rise to the surface as this year winds down. Potential travel delays, funky internet connections and other kinks aside, the next couple of weeks can be an ideal time to exercise faith in what is possible along with patience as to timing and methods to achieve overall wellness.

In the system of Tarot, the Major Arcana card "Temperance" is aligned with Sagittarius and is a card of alchemy and healing. In light of some of the above, it is an energy that shows us how to take life as it used to be, mixed with life as it is and as we envision it in the future, to create a healing, wise and effective blend. Temperance urges us to exercise patience while deciding the best course of action or narrowing down choices. It is a card that taps into mind, body and spiritual health, and with typical Sagittarius optimism, combined with a dose of karmic and luck loving Jupiter, we often discover avenues to progress that are all at once totally surprising and yet give you that "I knew it!" feeling deep in your intuitive gut!

As you close out 2023, please take some time to sit with your memories of this year. Sift through the ways you faced challenges and made improvements. Write a checklist of goals you set and measure your progress. Decide what still motivates you or whether certain projects or people can be best served "on pause." The key is to look backwards and forwards without straining in either direction. Let your faith and trust in Source energy fill your lungs and open your heart to the strength you possess and the wisdom you've gained even on days when you felt like you were standing still. Train your arrows towards 2024 in the fashion of the Sagittarian Archer who, once the sights are set, will not miss. Believe.

Wishing you and yours the best as 2023 comes to a close, and 2024 puts on its party hat! -- Afefe

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DS DeMarco
DS DeMarco
12. Dez. 2023

Ahh! I drew my “light of the day” card this morning and it was good ’ol #11, temperance. Then I jumped on YouTube and see your post about the new moon and there she is, the angel of temperance! So I click into this blog post and see you are writing about me! I’m 2 years unemployed, circuitously due to the pandemic, and find myself on the spiritual journey of my life. This past year has been full of inner work, and finding my higher self. i want to thank you for being a part of this, I found you through Susan Lynn. I’m grateful to the universe for guiding me to learn all that I have. much love and…

Gefällt mir
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