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Show Up As Yourself...

Most of us who post on social media love "the likes!" It's not always a mater of ego or even popularity, it's about sharing ideas or images that we hope will inspire or perhaps entertain others. We post stories and pictures or videos and snippets that others can relate to because they've done something similar or share a set a common experiences, values or beliefs. The same holds true when you walk a spiritual path on social media -- but the stake are higher. Your images, ideas and word choices have the potential to impact others who are finding their purpose or handling big life issues, or doing shadow work to heal from childhood wounds. Having a spiritual mindset on social media makes you more reflective and discerning as to what content serves you and others, and what should be given a pass.

Recently, I shared the above picture on social media in a post that talked about showing up as ourselves without fear of judgment. As a woman in my 60s, I'll be honest in sharing that I get a little "Oh boy!" when its time to tape videos for YouTube or do Reels on Instagram because appearances matter. Jewelry, clothing, makeup, hairstyle, backgrounds, nothing goes unnoticed when we share online. But on the day this picture was taken, I was at the beach, my hair a windblown mess and not even Chapstick for makeup, I had a moment of truth about feeling free and natural and authentic -- and I worked up the courage to share the image online which turned into one of my highest engagement posts on Instagram and garnered the most positive remarks!

As we live in an ever more complex and sometimes chaotic global society, it's amazing to witness the ways that we are all learning how to engage with one another as a cross-cultural, geo-political, binary and non-binary, old school and new school spiritual community. We often share a variety of tools -- tarot, yoga, meditation, psychic phenomena, sound baths, crystal therapy, reiki attunement, shamanic or afro-centric rituals -- in an effort to live more fulfilling lives that motivate us to discover and live our highest purpose.

As 2023 winds down, and especially as the holiday season kicks off in America with its pressures to catch Black Friday sales or prepare to hang with relatives who trigger us, it's a great time to take stock of how you've been showing up in the world and whether you are comfortable in your skin. I pose that question because in order to really get the most out of spiritual development, and in order to use a heightened state of awareness to address everything from political to social to health to family issues, it's crucial to have a well founded (and grounded) recognition and appreciation for who you are and the ways your truest, most authentic self can be your greatest public ally as you set new goals and make new plans for 2024. For many of us, a keyword in 2024 will be: Self-Actualization!

Here's a few ideas that may help you take stock of how you're showing up in the world, how others perceive you and how that may impact your ability to attract abundance, heal yourself, be flexible and adaptable as you learn new things, erase old tapes, take workshops, join fitness or book or crafting clubs -- as you decide not just how you want to live in 2024, but how you want to show up!

1. Find Beauty! The more seek and cultivate beauty (through nature, music, the psychic arts, creative expression, theatre, travel, etc.), the more we an absorb joyful or awe inspiring feelings which can intuitively raise our vibration. We often say energy is real and ever present, so showing up authentically in the world with confidence that you are seen, valued and supported can require more exposure to things you accept, support and value. Like attracts like, yes?

2. Shape Up Your Chakras. The Chakras are energy points in our bodies that, when aligned, can help us achieve more with less effort. Think about all the parts of an automobile that need to work together -- the engine, interior steering wheel, tires, etc. Our bodies, intricate and always changing, need our minds and spirits to best operate mentally, physically, emotionally and psychically. Take stock of your diet, your movement, flexibility, emotional states, thought patterns, inner and outer dialogue. Chakra tuning forks, anyone?

3. Write it Down and/or Take a Picture: Set goals for 2024 that are not solely based on outward achievement but also inner growth. How do we "see" inner growth? Maybe create a 2024 vision board or separate photo album on our laptop or phone where you gather images that reflect how you showed up in the world in 2023, how you want to show up in 2024, and the shifts that may be necessary along the way. Take photos of yourself on "bad hair" days (men, you get them too!) or when you aren't "Facebook" ready. Are your eyes sparkling? Do you feel free from stress? Are you becoming the person you never had or giving yourself the love and attention you used to rely on others to provide? Document your life as it is and as you wish to create it. See what leaves. See what sticks!

Wishing you an amazing holiday season and a huge THANK YOU to all the subscribers, friends and everyone in this ever growing virtual community. We learn by doing and Spirit always gives us plenty of material to work with!

Light and Love -- Afefe ♥️⚕️🎉

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4 comentarios

Such a beautiful message from a truly beautiful soul! You certainly don’t need makeup, jewelry, or fancy clothes for your outer and inner beauty to shine! Thank you Afefe!

Me gusta

Thank you Afefe for the invitation! I agree, the photo is beautiful!!

Me gusta

Michelle Smith
Michelle Smith
22 nov 2023

Thanks for the invite! Love the picture and the post. Have a glorious ThanksGiving holiday!! 💙😇🙏🏽

Me gusta

I love that photo!! Absolutely stunning and gorgeous!

Me gusta
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