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With All Your Might: Strength in Tarot and Life

Happy new year! As i write this blog, we are officially entering the Pluto in Aquarius transit which is guaranteed to bring some major shifts not just around us but within our individual and collective psyche. The times, as the saying goes, are a'changing! Lucky for us, the first full moon of 2024 (Jan. 25) is in the sign of Leo which should help give us the courage and stamina to handle whatever life brings our way -- not to mention what manifests as a result of our own intentions and soulfully powered actions.

That brings me to the STRENGTH card in Tarot, a major arcana archetype with a numerological vibration of "8" -- which just so happens to be this year's path number (2024 = 8). Eight is a number of skill, power and self-mastery and if we tune into the STRENGTH card as an archetypical force to assist us, we can summon its power and adapt its lessons around building character, using charm over aggression, being playful as a means to create joy and abundance, and unabashedly beaming our life force to be the change we seek.

Although most depictions of the STRENGTH card show a woman with a large Lion, this major arcana with its Leo and Sun-ruled energy is not always about having to endure or conquer larger than life issues - although sometimes when the shi*t hits the fan, we have to do what must be done to see our way through. But an often overlooked aspect of STRENGTH is its suggestion to use charm, gentleness and the art of persuasion to conquer obstacles or blocks.

All of us at some time run up against people or situations that feel overwhelming or beyond our control. That said, we always have the power of choice and when we choose strength of character over victimhood, or when we dazzle with a smile instead of swinging a proverbial fist, what feels like opposition or something blocking our path will often stand aside, cooperate, and maybe even offer to hold a door open for us to pass through!!

At its core, STRENGTH invites us to do a double-take with our perspective on situations, and to trust that we have the inner reserves and spiritual fortitude to make use of the Sun's life giving rays to live a life we can be proud of. It reminds us not to play small even if we feel small or put upon by people or circumstances. STRENGTH never lacks for sustenance and will not cower when it knows there is always a way, always a path forward, and always a reward for operating in good character with sweetest belief that life is a playground and challenges can be reasons to exercise with glee.

Wishing you an amazing Full Moon ride! Be back soon -- Afefe 🦁 ♌️ 🌝

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