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A Dinner Party for Mars in Cancer

Afefe Tyehimba @touchedbytarot (Instagram and Youtube)

now that spring has sprung and astrologers near and far have heralded the arrival of major transits like pluto in aquarius and mars in cancer, let's use our imaginations to sit with some of these energies in a welcoming atmosphere, over some great plates of food and refreshing beverages -- and hash some things out!

pluto in aquarius will be around (in and out of focus) until 2026, so they might come to the party late and stay longer -- so we will get into a deeper convo about them in another blog post. for now, let's greet mars in cancer -- two energies who on the surface (Fire and water) don't exactly enjoy each other, but hey, it's a free meal, so they've agreed to hang out with us and hopefully be on their best behavior!

Let's picture Mars showing up decked out as the Emperor, all bossed up in some designer threads, tailored just right with a fresh cut from the barber. he's the type of guy who easily commands attention and loves to feel like he is in charge.

In walks lady cancer, known for bringing warmth and laughter to gatherings like this. she's friendly but fierce when it comes to those she loves, and like the chariot, when she sets her mind something, it's just a matter of time before the goal is reached.

Seated across from each other at the dinner table, at first glance it could appear that these two have nothing in common and might even clash depending on the topics of discussion at the table. but as the evening progresses, Mr. mars/emperor is intrigued by ms. cancer/chariot. she's watery but there's a forcefulness to her emotional flow that he instinctively respects. and "CC" as ms. cancer/chariot is affectionately called, admires "marsy baby's" edge and earnestness when he talks about his passions and projects he's successfully completed as well as new ones on the horizon.

Lucky for you and me, in this imagined scenario and what could have been a disastrous, tension filled and hot tempered encounter turns into an "opposites attract" type of energy where these two JUST MIGHT become helpful allies who, between now and may 2023, can help people stay true to their emotions and focus without becoming confrontational or overbearing. they decide to respect rather than bash each other's differences and in so doing, they forge an unlikely alliance that makes the dinner a success and creates a delightful buzz about the nature of power whether it blazes high or cascades in waves.

Like so many areas of life these days, this mars in cancer transit is giving us an opportunity to handle potentially volatile energy with grace and an open mind so we can operate with emotional intelligence and respecting differences rather than ring alarms and don our protective shields (cancer is the tender inside/tough outside crab after all).

In tarot, this mars in cancer transit offers a great opportunity to use the major arcana of mars (emperor and the tower), and the chariot (cancer) to focus our attention on what -- and who -- we truly care about and how our relationships align with our core values. this starts at home with family and loved ones, but also extends to the business sector, our social circles and our larger communities.

in recent years we have all witnessed tower moments across the globe with shifts in the work force, social engagement, economic indicators and -- thankfully - A huge surge in interest in topics around spiritual growth. mars in cancer offers a great time to take stock of how we've taken charge of situations that threatened to overwhelm us, who has stood by our side during those trying times, and with whom we stand tall and strong. we can assess that while looking back and reflecting -- even while raising our glasses in a toast to the future which starts here and now.

--Afefe @touchedbybarot 3/27/23

(Note: Images via Pinterest)

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