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Being Eclipsed

e·clipse - noun

an obscuring of the light from one celestial body by the passage of another between it and the observer or between it and its source of illumination

rebirth - noun

the action of reappearing or starting to flourish or increase after a decline; revival

So here we are, rounding out 2022 having weathered a LOT of storms the past couple of years and, based on popular theory, facing more ahead. There’s midterms (in America) and always stressed financial markets, sky high groceries, fertilized violence and vitriol, and all manner of things happening to keep us on perpetual red alert. We live in a time where having a spiritual practice isn’t an elective thing, it’s essential. It’s not just a coping mechanism, it’s a defense mechanism to guard against mental and physical anguish.

Perhaps most important, having a strong spiritual practice nowadays gives us a leg up in giving context and greater meaning to what can feel like overwhelming life events over which we (seemingly) lack control. Enter Scorpio/Eclipse Season! Here, the Universe throws its hat into the ring to shake things up and shift our gears – not by way of punishment or piling on but by ushering in clarity, growth, understanding, and recalibration – whether we like it or not!

Ruled by Pluto/Mars, Scorpionic energy is arguably the most powerful in the Zodiac, and in the system of Tarot is ruled by Death in the Major Arcana. It’s a no-nonsense energy that heralds both endings and beginnings, in jobs, relationships, family dynamics, trauma and healing, self-growth and awareness. One of its mottos is: “You think you know, but you have no idea” – and later, in hindsight, we have an “ah-hah” moment where the reasons for the shifts make sense.

During this Eclipse Season – the Partial Solar Eclipse in Scorpio (Death Card) on October 25 followed by the Total Lunar Eclipse in Taurus (The Hierophant) on November 8 (Election Day no less!!) – many of us are being challenged in regard to our personal possessions and values, taking into account what we have worked hard for and how we derive pleasure from what we obtain and attain. Structures we have depended on (think governmental, partners, spouses, friendship circles or businesses) may seem to fray during this time, at least in how we view or review them to determine how they fit into our story.

Our stories change during an Eclipse, not because we woke up one day and decided to edit out or add chapters, but because we are spirits having a human experience and from time to time, the Universe will allow events to unfold that herald change we may not consciously realize is necessary. That’s where we sometimes struggle with transformative events because we’re accustomed to using reasoning, planning and moxie to figure things out, to get a grip and make necessary moves.

But Eclipses are unpredictable. We can get hints using Tarot, psychic downloads or astrology charts, but what actually happens for each of us and to what extent, is often something we couldn’t have guessed. Eclipses teach us to adapt, trusting our resourcefulness and the idea that come what may, it’s about lessons learned not hard hits taken. Easier said than done, I know. But our Souls signed up for this “Earth School.” We elected to have this experience in order to grow and evolve. We understood there would be transitory events within our lifetimes, and that things would come and go. and We knew we could handle it, So lets.

-Afefe 10/29/22

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2 comentários

02 de nov. de 2022

I am truly grateful for your energy and support. You do amazing work also and I wish you great success!! - Afefe


Powerofpurple Tarot
Powerofpurple Tarot
02 de nov. de 2022

This is so wonderfully explained .The not so easy topic comes with a flawless explanation and deep insights .I really admire how you teach things so simply!

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