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Do You Understand the Assignment?

Understanding the Assignment!

If you spend more than ten minutes on any pop culture website nowadays you are bound to see someone use the saying, “they understood the assignment!” The meaning? Here’s a couple of takes:

Urban Dictionary: A phrase used when someone is giving it 110%

Reddit: "They Always Understand the Assignment” it’s a catchphrase that, when paired with images of an actor or an actress in their various roles, is used as a way of complimenting their acting skill and range.

So basically when celebrities or cultural icons show up and show out – say, Meryl Streep blowing us away with on screen performances, or Lady Gaga making a jaw dropping splash on a red carpet – it's clear they are striving to rise above any ordinary standards or expectations and when they do, the internet claps!!

That made me wonder: Do those of us on a spiritual path ever go above and beyond with our daily practice, whether it’s yoga, meditation, journaling, reading tarot, angel or oracle cards, channeling, creating crystal grids, chanting – you name it!? For certain, spirituality is not a contact sport and we are not in a competing for a prize of becoming “clickbait” or – TikTok anyone? – crafting lives that are meant to go viral. Still, what would happen if we imagined our angels, guides, ancestors and ascended teachers as an “audience” of sorts, wanting to see us work to make them proud, to help thin the veil between worlds so we can be clear, receive guidance, heal our bodies, minds, spirits and rise by lifting others who share this wild and ever-evolving life journey?

I’m reminded of being a child and having to practice a speech in front of a class for a holiday program, or buckling down for college mid-terms, or having a friend or family member ask us questions while prepping for a major job interview!! We did those things in order to be better prepared for a task or opportunity, and – in hindsight – that achievement, realizing that victory was temporary as we soon faced another challenge, goal, or test.

Isn’t that what we are doing when getting in touch with our soul? Isn’t that why we believe there’s something more, something greater, something *available* to us if we only tune in and turn on spiritually? How motivating it could be to imagine our Spirit Teams sitting in auditoriums, bleacher stands, or next to us during a yoga, reiki, psychic reading or sound bath session? Could we do better at demonstrating how we truly do “understand the assignment” when it comes to staying the course and playing the long game to heal our traumas, celebrate our victories, build communities of seekers and doers and cultivate the self mastery of sheer commitment to spiritual growth and development?

I think our collective Guides are nodding, Yesssss!! And if these words make you feel inspired, you, my dearest soul, understood the assignment!!

My Best to You – Afefe Lana

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1 Comment

Apr 25, 2022

Thank you for this piece. So many ways to connect with spirit. I’ll take note and Time to learn about some of the tools you listed and feel what speaks to me best 🙏.

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