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Make It Personal: A Tarot Workshop

If I could tell you only one thing about Tarot it would be this: it's you in a mirror! That's why my tarot guide is titled "make it personal," and its why i teach workshops designed to strengthen skills you already have versus sending you on a quest for ancient knowledge based on divinatory archetypes that, while powerful, can be tough to correlate to daily life.

therefore, I'm offering a two-part workshop designed to help you learn to read tarot by using your personal story to relate to the cards. You will gain insight on how to utilize tarot to manifest greater understanding, healing and a sense of purpose as you co-create your very own "fool's journey" with the help of your higher self, spirit team and universe.

The "make it personal" workshop will be split into two parts: (1) Getting cozy with tarot as a timeless divination system, and (2) creating and interpreting spreads.

Part 1 will combine both private access to three (3) specially prepared workshop videos along with (3) live virtual zoom sessions to review the material and have an open forum for questions and insights. Areas covered will include:

3 aspects of the major arcana: the self, the world, and spirit

Astrology and Numerology in the Major Arcana

Creating your narrative in relation to Tarot Majors

The Four Suits in the Minor arcana

How the elements in the suits affect you

How to use the elements to understand issues and create change

How the Minor Arcana support the majors

Court Cards in their elements (air, earth, fire, water)

How to recognize yourself and others in court cards

how to shift your energy using the power of the court cards

Part II will consist of three (3) live virtual sessions where you will learn to get comfortable with spreads by setting intentions, understanding the natural story the cards tell and creating a narrative using the cards to help address personal goals, healing, manifestation, etc.

The videos will be available through a private youtube link and will remain accessible only to workshop participants. The video links will be sent to all participants at the close of registration: **november 20, 2023**

the 3 virtual sessions for part i (the cards) will take place via Zoom and on consecutive saturdays and will be recorded for replays. **December 2, 9 and 16**

The 3 Virtual Zoom sessions on part ii (creating intentional tarot spreads and reading techniques) will take place 3 consecutive saturdays: **January 6, 13 and 20** (2024)).

Notifications with Zoom links will be sent by email to all participants the friday prior to the virtual sessions.

total Cost for Parts I and II: $155.00

Cost for Access to private youtube Videos only (no live zoom calls): $65

Note: The youtube videos will cover the tarot overview only; not spreads and interpretations. those will only be offered through the live zoom sessions

Cost for Parts I and II with a follow-up private coaching session: $210.00

Payment accepted via:

Venmo: @Lana-Tyehimba

Cashapp: @touchedbytarot

Any questions, please feel free to email me at:

I'm excited to offer this workshop and so happy to work with you!!

Wishing you the best, always!!! -- Afefe 💞

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