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Touching Tarot -- A 6-Part Series

Touching Tarot with Afefe
A 6-Part YouTube/Zoom Series - Summer 2022

Class Overview:

With books, web sites and online videos galore, why take this course? Because my approach isn’t to “teach” Tarot as a 78-card system but rather to help you see yourself and others through the cards – the good, the “eh,” and, most importantly, the divine guidance that’s not rummaging around outside but is as close as your nearest mirror. This class will help you closely *relate* to Tarot so you can better grasp – when you’re ready – the mechanics, history, and detailed elements it contains such as numerology, astrology and esoteric symbolism.

In this six-part series, you will discover how all roads in Tarot lead back to you – so instead of you learning the cards, we’re gonna let the cards learn YOU. Your journey. Your purpose. Your understanding. Your practice. Think Yoga – just more challenging on the spiritual body than the physical!
Class Components:

* Participants will receive a private YouTube recording for each of the 6 classes mid-week (the link will remain active, so participants will have future access to the classes as needed).

* Participants can then join a Zoom call on the following Saturday for a question/answer session and deeper dive into the lesson with the benefit of live feedback from me and other class members. A Zoom link will be emailed to all participants once the private video is uploaded to YouTube. Zoom sessions will not be recorded but participants can feel free to do so.

The Six-Part Series:

I. Introduction to the Fool: A whole class dedicated to the Fool??? Yesss! This Major Arcana card is the energy that launches the entire system of Tarot and can form the basis for your understanding of all 77 cards which follow, from the progression through the Major Arcana to the four elemental suits (Pentacles-Earth; Swords-Air; Wands-Fire; Cups-Water) and finally, the always interesting “Is that me/they/them?” Court Cards.

II. The Magician (I) to the Chariot (VII): The “Me First” stage. We will explore how these 7 Major Arcana harness the energies of our unique potential and social selves; our innocence as kids and shifting dynamics of self-image and relationships with others. We’ll fast forward to “adulting” and “seniorhood” and how what is old is always new again.

III. Strength (VIII) to Temperance (XIV): The “Reality Check” stage. We’ll explore how these 7 Major Arcana impact how we experience the world around us, the extent to which we do or don’t control events and how we adapt, grow and change in relation to outside factors. Think “Spiritual Puberty,” except it can happen at any age and in myriad ways.

IV. Devil (XV) to the World (XXI): The “Been There/Done That/Now What?” stage. Whether it was the easy way or hard way, these 7 Major Arcana bring our reality into sharper focus because events have occurred to help us draw the line and raise the stakes. We’ll examine how these cards reflect what really happened, (soul path) lessons, and themes of evolution, along with the Fool waiting in the wings, always ready when you are to take the next leap!

V. The Four Suits in the Minors: The Minor Arcana augment the Majors in very deliberate ways and ask us to “Do the Math” in relation to a question or issue. We will explore the progression of the numbers 1-10 of each suit and treat the cards as a moving target of energy around what comes before and after their numeric value and meaning.

VI. The Court Cards: Often viewed as the most challenging cards in Tarot, especially for beginners, the Court Cards will be treated as both Spiritual Guides and Humans, as reflections of ourselves, others, BFF’s or complete strangers headed our way. Lots of options, right? All the more valuable as tools in the deck!

When: YouTube recordings start the week of July 18 with Zoom group sessions on Saturday, July 23, 30; August 6, 13, 20 & 27 – Time: TBD (depending on registrants and time zones)

Full Series: $125 (includes unlimited access to the 6 private YouTube class recordings and group Zoom sessions) **Bonus: All participants who register for the full series will receive a discount off my 1:1 coaching sessions ($50 instead of $75 per one hour session).

A La Carte: $30 (for Tarot readers drawn to specific course topics, YouTube recordings will be made available and an invite to the Saturday Zoom session(s) covering those topic(s) will be furnished).

To Register:
Send your name, email address and phone number to:
Indicate whether you are signing up for the full series or a la carte.

Venmo: @Lana-Tyehimba
CashApp: $touchedbytarot

Hosted by:
Afefe of TouchedByTarot; Email:; Phone: Provided to Participants

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