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Venus Moves Direct and So Tarot Goes...

Whew, those retrogrades have been off the charts recently, and with mercury still in retrograde until mid-september, apologies for any typos in advance:)). venus, however, has just gone direct, which is a blessing for tarot readings, especially as you seek guidance around love in all forms.

A great tip during september, while the sun is in virgo and prepares to enter libra, is to use the following major arcana to set intentions around your health and daily routines using the hermit card (ruled by virgo). You can pull the card from the deck and choose two other cards that help you visualize a desired outcome, especially if that outcome reflects self-love.

For example, let's say you want to improve your mood and energy levels. You can pull the Hermit card in the center, reflecting your quest and willingness to be guided, and place two cards to help manifest that intention such as the sun (success and joy), and the ace of pentacles (a fresh start, making the desire take shape in reality).

leave that set of cards out for a day and over the next several days, you can replace the two cards on either side of the hermit with others that increase your motivation or shifts in energy as you see progress. this is a great way to improve your tarot skills because this exercise promotes your intuitive abilities and comfort levels with using tarot as both a spiritual and practical tool.

You can repeat this exercise using the justice card which is ruled by libra and venus!! justice brings to light all matters relating to relationships and a sense of balance and fairness. with venus moving direct, september is a great month to restore harmony if partnerships are feeling a little lopsided or if you've had trouble finding a deeper love that really feeds your soul. this includes romantic love as well as your relationship with yourself, your career or life goals, your spirit guides and the natural world around you.

Try pulling the justice card in the center, then choose two others on either side. for romance, the lovers is a great choice keeping in mind that it signals a willingness to make good decisions to create win-win outcomes beneficial to both parties. (Tip; sometimes, spirit moves faster when your desire includes what is beneficial to others as well as yourself!) Your second card besides the lovers could be the two of cups or even the empress (venus again!), reflecting growth and joyful partnerships that create beauty which can stand the test of time as justice is also a card of karma, so what is rightfully yours is naturally (and magically) drawn to you.

the key to using tarot in this way is to be strengthen your understanding of how the cards can help you co-create reality by making a conscious effort to define what's missing or needs improvement, then mapping out a solution based on the energetic field of the cards. while circumstances change, the archetypical energies of tarot do not and that is part of their incredible power to aid and assist. tarot is consistent, and if you are willing to act on your desires and highest beliefs, exercises like this can help move the needle forward.

be patient with yourself as you reflect on what's needed and necessary versus what's simply desired, as that can impact your choice of cards. take pics of your three-card spreads or journal your layouts, and check back in the weeks or months to come to measure progress and how things start to show up in ways both expected and unexpected. often, when we take one step, spirit takes two! This is the dance of life and venus, of all planets, loves to dance!!

Blessings! -- Afefe ♥️

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